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  • How does your service stand out from others?
    We are very personable and comfortable with people of all ages, ethnicities, subcultures, etc. We have top-quality equipment and yet remain affordable. Tambien, se habla español.
  • Can I customize my playlists, games, and other entertainment options?
    Yes! We love to customize our customers experience so that they can dance the night away! We offer customizable playlists, interactive games, and lighting so that we can help you pump-up the party!
  • Will you emcee in addition to being a DJ? What equipment do you offer?
    We are more than happy to emcee your entire wedding in addition to playing music. We are equipped with top-notch lighting and high-quality Bose sound in addition to microphones.
  • What pricing options do you offer?
    We are currently working on creating a page detailing pricing- to answer you question please contact us.

Got questions? We got answers.

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